if only every monday was like this…

i know! it’s only a tree…but it’s an oh so pretty covered in snow, tree!

i like the snow. it makes everywhere even prettier than it was before. you only need to look at the above picture. amen.

it’s even better when you get a day off work because of it. monday was a snow day (get in!). even better was the fact that we were all home. so, after a morning at home taking deliveries (bricks! we have bricks people! the extension which felt like it was NEVER going to happen is HAPPENING! *starts pinning bedrooms/en-suites/dining rooms*), anyway, we decided to head up the Berwyn mountains for a walk.  having these mountains as your back garden? amazeballs.

”you won’t get much further than this” said one lady who lived half way up the mountain…which only spurred us on to get to the top!

and get to the top we did.

the higher we got, the more the sky turned blue – someone was with us on this one!


…as well as the cute little lambs!



Llandrillo from the tops

aah Cymru bach, you stir something inside me when you are this pretty.

also, standing under a tree so that your husband can knock the snow off onto your head just to amuse your son – that’s love that is.

oh, and forgetting robb’s swimming lessons that evening as you forgot it was monday?…palm to face moment, that one.


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17 thoughts on “if only every monday was like this…

  1. Great shots – I also love the snow… though I’m starting to think I’m ready for the sun soon!

  2. Not only great scenery but some quite nice people too! I shared the snowboarding pic with someone today, hope you don’t mind but I had to prove a point!!

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