house guests…

pah! who am i kidding??! bloody mice, that’s what we’ve got…or had if the vanishing  poison has got anything to do with it. *insert evil laugh here*

obsessed is what i have become. on the verge of paranoia.

mice. mice. mice.

i think i was in denial at first. no, that wasn’t a chewed hole in the dog biscuit bag…the hole was there already, we just hadn’t noticed it before. but when i found  mouse poo the other morning?…oh. my. goooooodddd.

that’s  when it all set in. “have you set the traps?”, “can you get the washing powder for me?”, “have you caught them?! pleeeeease tell me you have!”, “have you been in THE cupboard today? is it safe?!”, “can you get the polish for me?”, and so it goes on.

the little sneaky mingers have even managed to take the cheese, set the trap off and STILL get away!!  melted chocolate onto the traps…they still managed to scrape, YES! THEY HAD TIME TO SCRAPE THE CHOCOLATE OFF THE TRAP, PEOPLE! silly, useless crap trap!

when we first put the rat poison down i was stressing about the thought of the stench that would be in my kitchen from dead mice, but apparently, and thank bloody hell if you ask me, they go out in search of water once they have eaten some poison. oh i so hope they friggin’ froze to death in snow, too! ha!…although not in the snow in my back garden though! because that would just be a. gross and b. not bloody fair to me.

i was getting the washing out of the tumble dryer this morning. static off a woolly jumper brushed past my chin…FFS! i screamed, dropped the washing and ran for  my life! i thought it was the flipping mouse!

yesterday when the cupboard door made a squeaky noise when i opened it?! yup, i ran for my life again thinking that squeaking was the mouse!! when i finally got the urge to go back and open the door, robb thought it would be funny to tickle my ankle?!!! i was this close, THIS CLOSE!, to swearing at my ten year old son!

and when someone named “mouse in my kitchen” started following me on twitter?! i was proper freaked out! even thought it was Bryn getting his revenge on me following his mention in my post yesterday!…turns out it was just a new follower!

do you see what it is doing to me?!

i always like to put a photograph with each post on here, but you’re not getting one with this post! what would i post?! mouse poo droppings?, the crap trap, certainly not a picture of a mouse, anyway!!

ps. no animals were hurt in this post…only bloody vermin hopefully!

One thought on “house guests…

  1. So good to know I am not alone in my troubles! The poison was gone this morning. Maybe ours are so special kind of bionic vermin… best of luck and please let me know what works!

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