you put the pole where??!!


steal Gwyneth Paltrow’s workout it said. so steal it I did. and here we are.

after the realization that body blitz once a week isn’t going to do much for our wedding & bikini abs and a little inspiration from this lovely Lowe over scrabble, wine and gossip, my sister (Lowri) and i decided we need to get off our arses and do this properly!

so enter Gwyneth Paltrow (who apparently scores her own bikini body a high 9 out of 10) and her trainer (and now ours!) Tracy Anderton. these 2 and a broomstick are going to help us get nice abs and a nice arse…although how you get low’s arse even hotter i have no idea! she’s not known as j-lo at her workplace for nothing!

we had our first ‘session’ tonight…along with 4 kids, a dog and our mam…

if i’m honest it didn’t go as well as i’d hoped…but nothing does when you are trying out a new workout with a couple of dodgy moves “how the hell are you meant to grip the pole properly THERE?!”…and trying not to kick your 3 year old nephew in the face…

anyway, fast forward 45 minutes and as well as doing Gwyneth’s workout, we had added our own little touches to it and managed a jog. go us!

now to do that five times a week!

so here’s to back gardens, broomsticks and backsides!

low, let’s do this!

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