this and that

Doing what is known as an ‘Alfie’ i.e. totally ruining what could have been a lovely photo!

The above photo shows what happens when you have an hour to waste around Bala while you wait (with crossed fingers!) to see if your car has passed its mot…the boredom got worse but you don’t need to see those pics!

Who knew?! My mam is officially ‘with it’! I read in a magazine during above mentioned boredom that the ’99p pound shop bag (those huge hideous chequered ones) is what everyone has been seen with at Paris fashion week! Go mam! You have been ahead of the game for bloody years actually! All those years ago when we used to catch the bus to Barmouth for our weekly stay in a caravan, you would be carrying a couple of these fashion staples…which we would then throw up on!…sorry about that too. I promise to not roll my eyes the next time I see you with one!


And this picture shows two people having a giggle in the back of the car because they’re nibbling on a chocolate egg that was for sharing…but in our defence it was melting!…


15 thoughts on “this and that

  1. At that caffi when I was ‘creatively using my spare time’ during school hours I would order a coffee and a mars bar and would dip said mars bar into the coffee, truly heaven :)

  2. Gorge photos! Mars Bars in coffee… bloody hell how come I don’t know about this mun?!?

    Oh God I remember lugging those pissing bags to the laundrette when I was a student… HELLISH! I won’t be buying one thanks… I’ll borrow my Mams! ;)

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