saving the best til the last


…which we certainly did on our week off with our bois bach. we had spent spent days swimming, eating chips at the park, biking, lazy afternoons/mornings at home and not forgetting our easter egg hunt in the snow! yup, never done that one before!

so sunday came and we decided to head to south stacks lighthouse at Anglesey. Paul headed off a couple of hours before us on his road bike…and still managed to get to our meeting point before us! we always play ‘who can spot dad first’ when we’re driving along…the competitive person in me always wants to scream ‘THERE HE IS! I SAW HIM FIRST, ME, ME!”…but something stops me and i let one of the bois spot him.

alf photo
^^ the bois loved the rspb bird tower, known as Elin’s Tower ^^

you’ve got to go down 400 steps to get to the light house (don’t forget you got to climb UP them to get back from there!).  it’s not as bad as it sounds though…honest!



^^ looks like something out of the pirates of the caribbean film doesn’t it? ^^
^^ looking up into the light house ^^
^^ looking up into the light house ^^
^^ this horse had the best horse moustache we have EVER seen! ^^

as well as the best moustache in town, this horse also made the bois jump off the wall we were sat on watching him eat…he did that snorty noise (bad, bad description, sorry!) that horses do…it was brilliant!

^^ yeah, thanks for ruining that pic too bois! ^^

we agreed this was definitely one of the best days out we’ve had in a while…let’s just not mention the ‘dropping-one-at-the-top-of-the-light-house-incident’ shall we son?!…there were at least 15 other people with us in a confined space at the top of the light house…

i will leave you with this last picture…the sea was a lovely blue.


i’m sure we will be seeing you sometime again south stacks,

…if only for the millionaire’s shortbread in the cafe!


2 thoughts on “saving the best til the last

  1. Glorious photos! Papasaurus is off work on Friday and we’ll have having a much needed family day out together somewhere – after seeing these I’m thinking somewhere costal!

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