it’s coming


…i can feel it. i can even hear it.

i can hear it because, people, i have got my office window open(!!) AND there are lambs baa-ing in the fields! cute one’s too.

so when i spotted some ‘speciality daffs’ in a shop the other day, i couldn’t resist…but they didn’t last long as they smelt too much like pee…and that’s coming from me, a welsh lady through and through.


so i bought these lovely tulips instead which make up for the pissy-smelling flowers…(still hurts saying that).

but, bobl bach, i do believe that spring is err…springing!

speaking of which, i could do with a bit of sprucing and springing up myself…*books hair appointment*


11 thoughts on “it’s coming

  1. ha ha your comment made me laugh, we have a pink flowering thing outside that smells just like cat pee so it’s not worth bringing them in despite their lovely colour. the purple is lovely though. katie x

  2. Tulips are in my top five for sure. Absolutely beautiful, and these are such a gorgeous colour. It’s funny to hear all you ladies blogging about spring, where here in Cape Town it’s suddenly plummeted in temperature and autumn is in full swing.

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