friday feeling

friday feeling

so that’s it. another week over. just like that {in my best tommy cooper voice}.

there has been a new job {go mr lowe!}, wedding hair trials {my little sister is going to look amazeballs on her wedding day. #fact}, laughing in bed at the inbetweeners, back to school and back to work {boo!}, going to the shop with curlers in your hair {a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do and in this case it was either do the morning milk run…or tell alfie he can’t have his morning hot chocolate!}, and then have your day completed by a friend tweeting you to say that she once realised she still had her curlers in her hair in a queue at a garage…and had been driving for the past hour and a half! haa, brilliant! and as if pinterest doesn’t make you want to go and grow your hair, get married again and totally re-do your home, this magazine comes along!


^^ I want knitting needles just like these! ^^
^^ I want knitting needles just like these! ^^

a few of my latest pins {i actually typed pints then! if that’s not a sign i don’t know what is!}:

wedding hair
^^ bridesmaid hair ^^


^^ i'm thinking mr lowe's 40th next year?! ^^
^^ i’m thinking mr lowe’s 40th next year?! ^^


^^ i can’t deal with the chunkiness! ^^


weekend plans look like swimming lessons, ruthin medieval market where this lovely lady will have her own stall, and practising my sister’s wedding cake {eeek!}…not forgetting those few glasses of red wine and a dvd with my lot.

up to much yourself?

whatever your plans are, happy weekend!

2 thoughts on “friday feeling

  1. that’s amazing you’re doing your sister’s cake, such a fab personal touch! have a fab weekend, we’re down in liverpool celebrating leg two of caleb’s 1st birthday. only 1 and he’s figured out how to stretch out the celebrations ;)

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