when you’ve got 50 minutes


dad Image-1

saturday morning just before we left for the day, i had a phonecall. it was my mam, dad fancied coming with the bois bach and i for a spin {dad NEVER phones, if he does, PANIC! because only if it’s an emergency will dad phone anyone}. so we picked him up on our way. we got my stuff out of the way and saw that we had a spare 50 minutes until my opticians appointment. how to make my dad’s day: tell him we’ve got time to visit that second hand music shop that he LOVES. honestly, his face lit up. i forgot just how much he loves it and loved watching how he goes about looking through the cd’s.

it had been a long day by the time we got home. i saw dad yesterday and he told me he slept for an hour when he got in! bless him. {he also told me, in his words, ”un da ‘di Jen!” {she’s a good one Jen}. he went on to tell me that after all this time, in his opinion, my mam is still the best and still takes good care of him. they have been married 32 years and together another five. these two just…i don’t know…i don’t have the words…i just hope me and mr lowe are like this in years to come}

ps – we soo got rid of these! yay!

6 thoughts on “when you’ve got 50 minutes

  1. I want to grow old and grey with Papasaurus – for some reason I seem to have noticed more and more older folk holding hands in public lately and it really appeals to the inner romantic in me!

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