my little big town


we love reading at ours. since i can remember i have always gone to bed with a book. it makes me smile like a proper cheesy cat that my bois are heading the same way. so when we were asked if we wanted some kids books to review, we said yes straight away.

the bois couldn’t wait to start reading the books when they arrived from My Little Big Town, a publisher of high quality chidren’s books. we read the top three books that evening all together in bed. ‘Stuart the bug eating man’ is a funny little story about stuart and his special ‘talent’ and how he uses it to his advantage. ‘Jenny’ {seeing as she shares her name with their nain caused a giggle} tells the story about a young girl who is actually a werewolf hunting eight year old! ‘Pale Henry’ is a cute little story about a young lad who has lived up in his attic as he was too afraid to go out and play with the others.




alfie loved the illustrations. these books are all about encouraging children to use their talents {whatever they may be}, to not be afraid to make new friends and also not to worry about being different, to just be themselves – and this is what i really like about these books.


robb also got to read ‘Gorgeous George and the Giant Geriatric Generator’ {try saying that after a few, eh?!}. this book is about a young boy and his young-at-heart grandpa take on the evil Mr Watt and his power plant after the old people in town begin to go missing. robb tells me there were bums, bogies and farts mentioned which he thought was funny! within the story are the themes of renewable energy, recycling and sustainability, in a humorous and entertaining way.

these are great little books and i would recommend them if you have any birthdays coming up soon.

thanks my little big town, we enjoyed reviewing these!

*we were kindly sent the above mentioned books for the purpose of this review. all views are our own.*

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