these days

(*…tries very hard not to blurt out ‘these days’ by bon jovi!*}


anyway, these days {…the stars seem out of reach…sorry!} i’m making the most {even more…if i can?!} of my bois. that’s not to say that i don’t usually, but with robb going up to high school this summer {where the frig did that 11 years go, eh?!} i know things {he} are going to change…


and this weekend he {in my eyes} grew up that little bit more…sob. ladies and gents, he chose {HE CHOSE!} red skinny jeans for himself as well as the big peaked hats, cool t-shirts and shirts. mah boi gone and got him some style!  in the same week that he has chosen what shoes he wants to wear for my sister’s wedding {not his mam’s son for nothing!}, and asked if he could make a speech on the day too! i will die if he does. {well i won’t because we are off to ibiza straight after the wedding and i’m not forking out that much money for nothing…but you catch my drift, yes?!}

^^ this one? yeah, we already knew this one had style! ^^

so bois bach, i am going to give you an extra ten minutes in the bath just so i can watch you having a good giggle together that little bit longer.  i will try not to embarass you as much with my singing and dancing robb, {but some of those faces you pull kinda tell me you already are}. please keep asking for those cuddles at night ok, robb?*  and alf? i promise your teeth will fall out at some point…we just don’t want you to grow up that much just yet.


*{plis paid robb…i’m begging you}


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