friday feeling

^^ one of my pics from my bike ride…worth it just for this view ^^

this last week has seen me supping a couple of pints with my sister, purchasing geeky specs for myself {and being helped by the sweetest 18 year old boi EVER…i just wanted to pat him on the head once we’d decided which one’s to go for!}, realising i need to be more patient with cake decorating…, writing wedding invites, mountain biking, receiving funny notes off mr lowe, watching the hobbit film, receiving a liebster award for this little space of mine! {so thankful…just need to do my part now…}, being clung on to like never before by alfie because we were at the dentist, dancing like a loon in the car when a fave old song comes on the radio, {thanks ‘how bizarre’ by OMC}.  not forgetting watching ‘amour’ at our brilliantly old-fashioned local cinema…and then popping ‘just for one’ afterwards and leaving a few glasses of wine later!…and a ”i love you to the moon and back, alfie”, ”i love you to Botswana and back, mam” moment! mwah!

a few pins and fancy’s this week:

collage1 &

weekend plans look a little like this >                       < yup, no plans, which are sometimes the best kind of weekends…

have a good one! x

2 thoughts on “friday feeling

  1. I love a weekend ahead where no plans are made – it feels far more exciting that way. This weekend for me is planned out to great details as it’s Ozzy’s 4th Brithday – no rest for the wicked ey?

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