a good deed

good deed5

good deed4

good deed

good deed2
^^ his face! looks like hard work, doesn’t it?! this is when they had to straighten the back wheel to make it easier to push! ^^

tgood deed4

we were walking home from the park yesterday and as we were going over the bridge we spotted it. again. someone decided to dump their bmx bike in the river. it has been there a while now. soo. frustrating! anyway, we decided to do something about it*. between them both, paul and robb got the bike out of the river and robb pushed it all the way home. they were going to take it to the skip to get rid of it properly, but by the time we got home the conversation had turned to scrapping everything but the frame and maybe building it up. robb seemed pretty chuffed with himself and his good deed for the day. and excited about building his first bike with his dad. (not his first bike…his first bike building project!…we’re not that tight around here that we wait for a bike to be thrown in the river to give to our bois!)

so, there might be a post at some point about the bike they built. we’ll see.

* is this a sign of getting on?! another one to add to the others then…

done any good deeds yourself lately?

3 thoughts on “a good deed

  1. i love these photographs cerys! and not being all sappy but i love that you’ve shown your son the value in things, and that they certainly should not be chucked in any river.
    good luck with the bike project, robb!
    right now good deed time….

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