five lines


this was me on sunday morning following my sister’s hen do in liverpool.

no hangover AND false eyelashes still on {double bonus}. this pleases me {the bit about the lashes especially}.

i think {think!} it was around half four in the morning by the time we got home.

a lot of laughs, a lot of dancing {some bad} and a lot of bad chat up lines!

i love my sister. i love liverpool. happy days. xx

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37 thoughts on “five lines

  1. Hee, hee, sounds FABULOUS! My dear Dad is from Liverpool – one of seven! I need to spend some time there – when my children are grown and I’m free to go where I please!

    LOVE the photo too, amazing lashes to last the night!

  2. That was you *after* a hen do? Wow – you look great!

    I have never been to Liverpool but I keep on reading about exhibitions and events that I want to go to so I think a visit is in my future!

    I’m stopping by from the BEDM list – good luck with the rest of the challenge! :)


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