friday feeling : #BEDM


3 days in and i’m still here. kind of sticking with today’s prompt over at Rosalilium’s blog, instead of a ‘day in the life’ i will continue with my weekly ‘friday feeling’ post.

so, i have been star gazing with my boi which was beautiful and the birds were just awesome to listen to at 4.30am. had a right girly moment…”can i please have a clean hi-viz top?” was not the best start to a day in the forest with men! but i did have some cracking rosie cheeks following a good day out. partied hard and danced the night away in liverpool! watched skyfall…i know, so very behind at ours! had our first bbq of the year. laughed out loud at an email i had at work re willies instead of wellies! started a new book, the fault in our stars. snuggled alf like he was a newborn again. made both of my bois’ day by picking them up from school {working full-time means i don’t get to do this often} and assured robb that his home project ‘the eggsplorer’ {a-keep-the-egg-safe-parachute-box-type-thing} would pass for sure and the butterflies in his tummy would soon disappear.

a few other bits:

^^ @delicousbysara via instagram ^^
old door
^^ via pinterest: ^^

if only for the ”fairy twinkle” comment, this post

i cried with laughter looking at this the other evening {not in the office, if anyone asks ok? ;-)}

this project from mrs mammasaurus herself and this one from the lovely lucy…between them, make me want to make a shed load of tres cool sandwiches and hang flowers…like EVERYWHERE!!

weekend plans look like catching up on sleep {saturday night’s shenanigans have definitely caught up with me!}, hopefully a trip to chester zoo, more sleep, lawless on dvd and a sunday roast. gotta have a sunday roast. it’s the done thing at ours.

have a good one! xx

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4 thoughts on “friday feeling : #BEDM

  1. Hooray! Thank you for the mention sweet cheeks! This sunny weather is bringing out the creative side in everyone isn’t it? That door table is an amazing idea!!!

  2. The Fault in Our Stars is so so so good. I read it last month. Have you already been warned not to read it in public due to the amount you may cry? :)

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