hen do part 1 : #BEDM

^^ you see the one on the right? i blimmin' love her! happy hen do, sis! ^^
^^ you see the one on the right? i blimmin’ love her! happy hen do, sis! ^^

she looks gorgeous doesn’t she?!

at one point, last saturday night felt like it was never going to arrive. but arrive it did, and shake our bootey did we!

i haven’t laughed and danced like that in a while. and who better to do that with than my gorgeous sister and friends.

Low and i started the day off by treating ourselves to an eye-trio {eyebrow tint & shape and eyelash tint} as well as some lovely long false eyelashes {soo going back for more of these babies!}. and then headed home to get our party dresses on.

oh my days, did we have a great time. there was a lot of laugh’s, a lot of bad dancing {me!} and a lot of bad chat up lines {not me!}. i can’t actually tell you which clubs we went in as we kind of just followed the ”2 shots for free in here” calls!

hen do collage

Liverpool, you were brilliant. you gave my little sister a fantastic hen night and for that alone i will forever love you…those fish & chips at the lobster pot* at the end of the night have got something to do with it too!

hen do collage2

…so here’s to saving pennies for hen do part 2: rihanna @ twickenham stadium!

*when i got in i was telling paul about the best fish & chips i’d had from the octopus house…??!! haa…those blimmin’ shots!

we were kindly given vouchers for henstuff for some goodies for our night out. with these i bought a bunny set for my sister, heart shaped glow in the dark glasses {which i loved a little too much, maybe?!}, a huge flashing ring, bride-to-be and mother-of-the-bride sash’s and some fun body art. we loved all of these and had a right giggle over them. unfortunately, we didn’t get a picture of the ring and my mam in her sash…we were having wayyy too much fun! i was also impressed with the delivery of the items too – very fast and efficient service. all opinions are mine…and another 12 girls!

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2 thoughts on “hen do part 1 : #BEDM

  1. ha ha the octopus house! ah finished many a night in the lobster pot or chinatown. edinburgh just doesn’t do late night food like the pool :(
    congrats to your sis! you all looked gorgeous :)

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