the last minute plans are always the best…: #bedm

” Hi Cerys hope things good with you. We might have a free ticket to the Vaccines on Monday at Llandudno. Me and Jon were going with some friends from Anglesey, but Wilf not babysitter ready, do you fancy it? Its a ‘might’ as ticket could have already gone. Thought you might be up for it rock chick! Abi x “

this, people, is how you make my day. my week. my month!


the vaccines, it may have been a while since i have been to a gig…but that i-can-feel-the-drums-pounding-in-my-heart feeling felt oh so good! you have re-lit that fire in me for live bands, gigs, lager in a plastic pint cup and jumping around to seriously great feel good music!

with every song you played i kept thinking this is the best song yet…and then you’d play another…then another…you were awesome!


abi ,chips at the beach with this view? what a great way to start the evening. a gorgeously {new word? i think so…} sunny llandudno and an overdue catch up {and realise Wilf is ten months old and not just a couple of months like I thought…yup, call me a crap friend if you like, i did}.

so, here’s to next time, because there definitely will be a next time.

thanks again abi, I loved it!


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