nature in the home : #bedm

^^ love this pic of alf having a great time with a dress up box! this is him all over!^^

one of our recent days out saw us stopping on the way home to see if we could throw a stone high enough to break the frozen lake in front of us…{also a pee stop, but you don’t need to know that…oh…}. anyway, whilst rummaging for the biggest rock i could find, i came acros this piece of slate. i didn’t know what i was going to do with it, but i wanted to take it home with me. after a few umm’s and aah’s i’ve decided to do this with it. it is now my-fave-pic-of-the-moment-frame. so every couple of weeks or so i will stick another pic on there or even hang a little something on there. just funk it up every now and again, basically. i like it.

i might go back to try and find a full set of plate matts/settings for the table, oh and maybe a piece that i can fix a mirror onto?!

head over to little green shed for some more nature in the home posts.

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