friday feeling

hi, hi and hia!


whaddaya know? friday has arrived! it has been a week of gawping at just how big elephant’s poo really is while in chester zoo…{yes, that would be our bois bach and not us grown up adults…honest!}, laughing at paul’s response to what we all want to see at the zoo ”i just want to see a beaver”, cue fits of giggles from us both over tea, playing rounders and swingball in the SUNSHINE! yes, wales was without cloud for a few days! {rare occurance in these parts, i tell you!}, we even managed to get a whole’s day play with a paddling pool {shocking stuff}, jigging to the vaccines @ llandudno, high fives with my mr lowe due to successful parents evening, and telling my sister for about the 100th time that yes, her wedding dress looks amazeballs and that all will be fine! phew!

and today that lovely helloitsgemma made my day by putting me down as one of her Fresh Five over at tots100 – diolch yn fawr iawn, gemma! {i might have done a little jig in the office…don’t worry, no one saw me!}

and to finish it all off, a few pins:

^^ ^^
^^ ^^
^^ ^^
^^ ^^
^^ ^^
^^ ^^

weekend plans look like this: wine with the ladies tonight, shopping because the bois have decided this was the week that they would ruin every pair of shoes they own {diolch for that!} and maybe a treat for myself too! not forgetting, putting this song on and pretending i’m back in liverpool!

have a good one, you lovely lot xx

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