a slow day



alf by river


Last night was a “just for one” kinda night. you know the one. you go with the best intention of just having the one drink and get home fairly early…but you end up pissed and leaving the pub at 2 am!…and losing your phone, only to find it in your bed. looking at you Mrs Cilan! so this morning came way too soon, therefore we watched a Mr bean film twice {well, the bois did, I caught up with Mr zzz}.

this afternoon, due to cabin fever and a break in this bloody awful weather we seem to be getting at the moment, we headed out for a walk, some fresh air and a play in the park…and a dip in the river if you’re rolly.

a good hour or so later, the heavens opened. big time. we decided to go with it and put our heads back, stuck our tongues out and make our way home slowly. evening plans are lots of milk and to finish the book I’m currently reading and loving, “the fault in our stars”.

how was your Saturday?! xx

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