today, so far

^^ ^^

ok, so it was nowhere near as glam as this…but this just happened to me whilst i was at the petrol station!

also today:

* i have been for my first run in a while {go me}

* i have done all of my ironing

* i have lost it with alf when his not-putting-my-iphone-down-to-get-dressed caused me to rip my dress

* i am still wearing said dress and haven’t found the rip…daring, yes?!

* i have fallen out and made up with my brother…families, eh?!

* i have had at least 3 tantrums in work this morning

still to go today:

* an afternoon at work

* take the kids to swimming lessons

* get back in time so the man can check my boiler…not a euphemism

* make tea…fekin hate that job at times

* practice a wedding cake…who am i kidding?!

…monday’s, eh?!…

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