an afternoon with rodney peppe

^^ made out of mr peppe’s dad’s old bowler hat ^^

the unplanned and unexpected afternoons are always the best, aren’t they?! this happened to us on sunday. on our way to do the usual food shop {stay with me, honest, it’s worth it!}, robb remembered the rodney peppe exhibition that was still on at ruthin craft centre…and then remembered the {his words} ‘ACTUAL ARTIST’ was going to be there that afternoon giving a talk and could we pleeeeeease stop for that. so stop we did, but not until we had enjoyed a gorgeous lunch at cafe r at the craft centre. seriously good food here.

While he creates toys and automata, Rodney Peppé does not sell his creations; his works have been on display in various museums and on tour in his one-man show The Wonderful World of Rodney Peppé.

^^ my fave! not sure if you can see it but the crab is biting his toe! it's the little details ^^
^^ my fave! not sure if you can see it but the crab is biting his toe! it’s the little details ^^


another fave, ok so i loved them all! but this one is like a surprise game {the man himself called it that}. you bring all of the balls to the bottom and then you get the surprise by seeing which animal pops up when you pull that string!

alfie’s words ”dad will love this one because they’ve all got big boobies!”…


it’s fair to say this was one of alf’s favourites. i can’t remember what mrs peppe said his name is now, but apparently it’s mr peppe’s favourite’s as it is one of his first {of many} awesome creations. we were then kindly asked to stop touching it!…

unfotunately, as robb was at the very front i didn’t manage to get a decent photo of him but i did have a ‘my-heart-just-wants-to-explode’ moment with him the whole time we were there. he followed mr peppe about as if he was scared to let him out of his sight and hung on to every word he said. and as we walked back to the car he told me he was very inspired and just wanted to go home to draw and to create amazing things like we had just seen. #lovethatboi #lovealfietoo {just in case they read this one day!} xx

this exhibition is seriously worth a visit if it’s in your area

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