friday feeling

…and 15 things i’m loving right now.


robb & the above painting ”i saw this and thought of you, mam!” / screaming on the sizzler at the fair / fresh flowers / paul bringing me a coffe to bed / my new sshhpecs / my sister in her wedding dress / alfie’s obvious love for playing in a football match / robb and his end of year exam results / my sister’s wedding cake being a success / a photo of my friend’s one year old picking his nose {honestly, the cutest!} / bearded & tattoo’d men / wrapping wool around vases to make them oh so pretty! / it’s pizza-for-lunch day at work / harry {nephew} and his naini impression / this post purely for the gorgeous photos and tres cute baba!

pins and stuff:

^^ those donuts look gorge don’t they?! / photo frame out of an old window frame / cool party garland / clock out of an old bike wheel…one for me lowe, surely?! ^^

weekend plans look like: friends staying over, swimming lessons followed by a lazy afternoon, robb tells me it’s national baking day this sunday…so sunday looks like some baking and then an afternoon on the bikes. fingers crossed for some dry weather too, yes?

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