diolch aberystwyth

we were camping and then we were going to book a hotel. then we were going to man up and camp and then we were looking at b&b’s and then we were camping…until paul went out and realised just how cold that wind was..WE WERE BOOKED INTO A HOTEL, halleluiah!


and then we got there and it was absolutely gorgeous…always the way isn’t it? anyway, a night away in aberystwyth to watch the aber cyclefest it was. it was fab. there was a circuit around the streets of aberystwyth for the televised* pro criterium race on the friday evening {won by the olympic athlete, ed clancy!…nah, me neither. you know i just had to go out to the shed to ask paul his name, then!} and then a downhill mountain bike challenge on saturday afternoon. which i can see paul taking part in next year. does that mean i get to be a cheerleader for the day? pleeease?! i’ll get my pom-poms out {oo-er missus!}. she says! i don’t even own a pair!…


anyway, a night away with my bois by the seaside with lots of sunshine works wonders for me, you know. we struggled to find somewhere to eat in the evening…but when we did find somewhere, it was worth the hike around town! love me a little italian restaurant. and that pizza i had?! oh my days. over that pizza robb kept asking about ‘breakfast in the basement’ which the receptionist had mentioned when we were checking in. turns out robb thought we would be eating sloppy porridge in a rat-infested-dark-and-dingy basement type place…i love that bois imagination! he was soo impressed the following morning. he actually said out loud “mam! there isn’t any rats or anything gross down here!”. and yes, i started to turn into my mother by telling them “eat all that you can and more, we’ve paid for this!”.


what we weren’t expecting was the 2.30am FIRE ALARM going off…yes thanks for that you drunken little arse who set it off and then did a runner! shivering in my pj’s at 2.30am on the seafront is not something i would like to do again anytime soon. but it did make me question my bois sleeping though. they only continued to sleep THROUGHOUT THE WHOLE ALARM GOING OFF…what’s that all about?! i think i actually moved the bed with my jolt! maybe me bringing a corked bottle of wine and forgetting the friggin’ bottle opener was a blessing in disguise numpty!


if you are ever in aberystwyth you should definitely try morgan’s butchers for some lunch. home-made chips topped with beef and then with gravy? i’d happily eat there every day if i could. and sat by the seafront watching my bois play in the sand? happy days indeed. let’s just not mention alf so very nearly sending an elderly man {with a walking stick!} flying onto his face while we played rugby afterwards, ok?!…

aberystwyth, diolch yn fawr for giving us just what we needed. family time, just the four of us. oh, and that gorgeous sunshine, too!

*we watched it last night…just to see if were on the tv, AND WE WERE! Yessss! it reminded me to maybe wear a hat or something when it’s windy…mr majeika eat your heart out!

4 thoughts on “diolch aberystwyth

  1. Wicked photos as always you little minx.
    “eat all that you can and more, we’ve paid for this!” < classic! Papasaurus always makes me eat everything possible at a hotle if we've paid for brekkie – including squirreling pastries into napkins for lunchtime – seriously the man has no shame!

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