boy: noise with dirt on it


yesterday afternoon i had a post more or less ready to go. it was one of those that listed what was pissing me off {don’t worry i’m not going to publish it}. obviously, i was having a bad day…probably not helped by the fact that i was also listening to Les Miserables as i was writing it!! aaanyway, i got home and shouted into the house “someone get here fast for a sws and a cuddle!”…turns out it was my mr lowe. happy days! no bois bach home so we headed out. we walked, talked and supped some wine. he knows how to sort my head out does mr lowe.

“think about what we’ve got and not what we haven’t got”…lost count the number of times he’s said those words to me. so, paul, robb and alfie {and rolly below, of course!} you are all mine and bloody hell am i just so thankful that you are.

…even if there was THE mother of all tantrums happening at ours last night. at 11.30pm! which ended up with 3 of us in tears! what’s that all about eh, bois bach?! you know when you haven’t cried for what seems like an age and when you finally do, you can’t stop. that was me. uch!

^^ yup, cute as ^^
^^ yup, cute as ^^

and just to top it all off, my sister accidentally locked her fiance out of the house when he arrived back from his stag do…i’m laughing now, not so much at 12.30am last night!…after 45 minutes we were getting worried, only for Low to open the front door saying ”what the hell’s going on here?!”…he didn’t know whether to hug her or strangle her!

here’s to a good weekend before paul leaves us to go away with work on sunday.  i hate goodbye’s.  especially the one’s to paul. my ritual for when he’s away? a glass of wine and then a horlicks before bed…knocks me out and works every time. ;)

have a lovely weekend xx

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