there’s something in my ice cream…

alfs teeth

you know when you have those moments, where you see what’s about to happen and it all seems in slow motion and before you know it…it’s too late. you do?! good, because you’re about to read mine. we were walking through the crocodile’s maze at Greenwood forest park with ice creams. alf was enjoying his smartie push up ice cream {you know the one’s?} and robb had a bubblegum flavoured one. anyway, paul and i are walking behind them and we see alf spit something out into his hand, take a good look at it, shrug his shoulders because he’s not sure what it is …{and this is where the slow motion bit comes in}… and then throw it away. “noooo!” i scream…it’s too late. ”alf, open your mouth”. yup, i thought so. two teeth missing where there was only one missing a few seconds earlier. ”alf, your second tooth has come out and you’ve thrown it away!”…alf stuffs his tongue between the gap in his teeth ”o ie! i thought it was just something in my ice cream!”.

we looked for it but no joy. how we expected to find it in a grassy-shrubbery-loose-your-tooth-for-good-in-here type of place, i don’t know. soo typical of alf! he wants to leave a note for the fairy explaining what happened to see if he will still get a penny…he’s also going to tell her how he heard her coming in through his window and going under his pillow the first time she called! my heart hurts from all the cuteness!

while i’m on the subject of losing teeth, check out this bad ass bikini here and a cool monster tooth pillow here…but as always i have left it too late to do anything this cool for alf…or for robb actually {he’s still losing the odd tooth, too}! xx




10 thoughts on “there’s something in my ice cream…

  1. Oh no, he threw it away!! Im still emotional about my Wriggler loosing his teeth. bottom 2 went last year, top 2 are wobbly as we speak *sob sob*. great post. #magicmoments

  2. Oh no!, my daughter lost 3 of hers while eating, i think she must of swallowed them! i love his gappy smile :-)

    Thanks for linking up with #magicmoments xx

  3. Such a great photo! I love your story but feel the pain if watching him throw the tooth away!

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