not brave enough for bare legs yet…

nope, not me. if i was to go bare legged, my sister would be chasing me with her many cans of fake tan.

^^ …cos i is cool, yes?! ^^

nah, not really, i just liked the way the playing-with-the-editing-thing-a-me-jig turned out. i mean, i proper squealed down the phone yesterday {luckily the person on the other end knows me well!} when a wasp got a little too close for comfort. so not cool. i killed 3 of them afterwards though…with one can of wasp killer. go me. there was one in the ladies loo…saved me an embarassing moment there! imagine that story in the company’s safety bulletin, not too mention the photos!

aanyway, i’m wearing white shirt {new look}, these white sunglasses {next}, brown shorts {fashion union}, nobbly tights and leopard pumps. {i had to spell check leopard then…hate it when that happens}.

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