scream if you wanna go faster!

one more sleep ’til paul comes home DOO DAH! DOO DAH!

one more sleep ’til paul comes home DOO DAH DOO DAH DEEEYYY!


i jumped on my bed like robb is in the above pic this morning. one more sleep! one more sleep ’til i can sleep soundly throughout the night instead of waking every hour thinking ‘THERE’S SOMEONE DOWNSTAIRS!…YEP! I CAN HER THEM…THEM? OMG, HOW MANY OF THEM ARE THERE?!’…{i’m not the only one like this, am i?!}…and to have paul back too obvs!


these pics were taken last weekend at Greenwoods forest park. it’s a great day out…when you finally get the kids out of the go-kart track. HOURS, i tell you!  the roaster coaster* was my fave bit. they both held their arms in the air the whole time round…even if alf did look like he was bricking it in one of the pics the camera on the ride took!

after a busy {i typed busty then…make of that what you will…!} week, a few diolch’s: wine, for getting us all together in the sunny evenings around a fire, also thanks for the sun for coming out; steph, for the giggles over sausages and donuts #iwannagobacktocollege; robb’s collage homework, for reminding me just how much i loved making these at school {…and now}; alfie, for the giggles we had at his hospital appointment yesterday…trying to talk seriously with a doctor with the giggles…so hard! ebay, for all the hen do goodies. one more week til rihanna!

here’s to a weekend of sipping a few stella cidre’s in the garden with paul when he gets home and lazy afternoon’s on the beach. but first we have to go shout and screeeam deliriously cheer on alf’s footie team tonight, followed by a swift half** with the rest of the team and their parents at the pub afterwards…it’d be a shame to waste this sunshine!

have a sunny one, you lot! x

*what robb called them when he was younger and it’s stuck!

**also known as a pint of guinness and a packet of bacon fries…

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