a weekend


a weekend of exploring the forests with your mates…and hunting for some crows! you love your lie-ins on the weekend robbie…but, cariad, you were up, washed, dressed and sorting out your packed lunch at 8.15am!  {more of this new robb, please!}


a weekend where i cooked a frittata {this recipe – LOVE her blog!} for lunch for my sister and i and we got to discuss those last minute wedding plans. {2 weeks on friday…eeeeek!}


a weekend of catching up with your best pal sat on the side of the road, playing with stones.  {what weekends are for, right?!}


his t-shirt says ”actually it is all about me”.  nuff.  said.

a weekend where there was a first proper footie match for alfie. i screamed & squealed. you made me very proud, bach, very proud. {and the moves you pulled when your team scored? THE BEST!} // a weekend of running and splashing into the pool! {whilst the adults sipped those ice cold cidre’s!}


yeah…well done weekend…we all played well *raises arms and claps hands*

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