a favourite

noo! not a favourite child {i mean really?! who does that?!}, i mean a favourite flower.


not sure if i really have a favourite flower. oh, hang on i do love lillies {even though my mam tells me my house smells like cat piss when there’s a huge vase full of lillies sat there looking absolutely gorgeous by the window}. oh, but i do love a good a good tulip, too. but what about a vase full {as in fit to burst!} of just the simple, bright yellow flowers? {not sure what they’re called…and yes, still working on that ‘becoming a gardener this year’ thing…}. oh, i can’t decide.

i just love, love having fresh flowers around the house. simple as.


2 thoughts on “a favourite

  1. ah poor lilies and their bad rep, my nan hates whenever anyone has them in the house, she says they remind her on death and funerals…nice huh!
    for me it’s got to be peony roses, it’s the colour and the layers of petals, just beautiful and pricey mind.
    hope you had a fab weekend at your sister’s london hen do leg!

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