lowri aka frog

lowri xx
^^ frog…just because ^^

{consider me shot once she sees i have put this picture on here!}

i honestly don’t know where to start with this post…so i’m just going to waffle, if that’s ok?!

so, the above pictured missing-member-of-jackson-5, is my gorgeous little sister, Lowri. not only my little sister but also my best friend. we shared a bedroom {oooh! the arguments were quite something at times…} up until i left and moved in with paul when i was 18. we also had THE best sing off parties with our brother. honestly, our rendition of ‘love can build a bridge’ done by cher, neneh cherry, chrissie hynde {that was me…} and eric clapton? we soo had it down to a t!…let’s just not mention our version of ‘man in the mirror’…our poor parents!

last summer low and her family moved in next door to us. like, RIGHT next door. i love it, she loves it, our kids love it, paul & elf kinda love it…we help each other out with childcare etc. and get to sit in the garden sipping a glass of wine gossiping while the kids run around. awesome. low has had her highs and her devastating low’s. but lowri? it didn’t stop her. she picked herself up and got on with life. 2 healthy and gorgeous babies soon followed…and continue to eat all of our fabs from the freezer {owen} and eye up my shoes, bags and clothes {ella}.

this weekend is low’s hen do {part 2}. a weekend in london, seeing rihanna on saturday night {eeeek!}. we have been discussing what to wear since christmas…and still have no idea. maybe we should ask ella. she’d know what to wear straight away. and what accessories go with what. i think i may have driven a few of my work colleagues crazy going on about this weekend. but, i honestly can’t wait. a bit of sight-seeing and a hell of a lot of dancing!

to give my gorgeous little sister just the best time. everrrr.

london…let’s be having you!

i may not sleep thursday night i’m that excited.

ps – that’s not her real hair. obvs.

pps – low, if you’re reading this. stop with the nightmares about the wedding ok?…how many times do i have to tell you the hairdresser isn’t going to turn up stoned and off his face, ok? xx


10 thoughts on “lowri aka frog

  1. Beautiful story, made me smile reading it. You are blessed to have that with another human being. I am only child and the relationship you describe here is utterly unknown to me


  2. Hee, hee, such a fab, fun photo that had me beaming in response! So great that you have an amazing bond which has lasted and that you are so close – literally! Have an amazing time in London and all the best for her wedding!!

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