packing, packing, ironing, packing…

I wish Ibiza would pack itself!

after hours of feeling like I wasn’t getting anywhere with it, I left the bois with their games, Paul with his hangover, grabbed the dog and headed out.


these beauts are now mine following a hard night of partying on my sister’s hen do in London. the blisters I had on my feet were seriously something else! but the dancing til 5 am? soo worth it!! these boots are what I wore to see Rihanna, after months of deciding what I was going to wear? I wore bloody wellies!



and these beauties are a result of today’s walk. now sitting in a vase {I hope, unless she really didn’t like them!} of a friend who is going through such a hard time at the moment. they won’t make everything ok again, but hopefully have maybe made her smile today and will hopefully show her that I’m thinking of her all of the time, even if I’m not there for her as much as I’d like to be x

and now I’m off to my sister’s to make all the decorations for her wedding on Friday!! eek!

have a nice evening lovelies xx

ps: still not packed!

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