penblwydd hapus alf!


6 years old. my baby {sob!}. after an evening of celebrating and prezzies with family on the friday evening {and too much wine for moi!} we had a party for him and his friends on the saturday. a lego party he wanted and a lego party he got. from the cake, the decorations to a lego play area. safe to say he loved it. apart from when we had a power cut with half hour to go! {i on the other hand had had enough by now, so welcomed the opportunity to get everything cleared up while they ran around in the dark and played with their party bags…diolch power cut!}.

i was too busy having fun {hmmm!} that i didn’t get that many pics, but a friend did manage to get the cake action. and looking through them afterwards, apart from birthday boy blowing out his candles obvs!, this has to be one of my other favourite pics:


robbie singing his heart out to his little brother. i love it. they really are just the best of mates these two {most of the time…} and the cutest thing happened on alf’s birthday. when asked what they wanted for breakfast, alf asked robb ”will you please have porridge with me, robb, as it’s my birthday?”. honestly? his little face when robb said yes and they were both served their breakfast…i could have squished them soo hard they wouldn’t have seen their next birthdays!!

robb also wrote in alf’s card ”happy birthday to the best brother in the world (and the funniest)”.

i can’t cope.

anyway, the birthday party. there was alf arriving late for his very own birthday party {way to go, paul!}, lego EVERYWHERE, hot dogs, cute little faces with sos coch {tomato ketchup} EVERYWHERE, the judge of the musical bumps {me} being way too soft and couldn’t make the decision as to who was out and, of course, musical chairs. but school style they said. apparently the girls run around and have to sit on the bois’ laps!

i don’t remember THAT one, do you?!


penblwydd hapus alfie yn 6, caru ti cariad xxx

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