soo pretty…but what the hell are they?!






rewind a few years back to when paul was sorting out the fence between us and next door. right in the very far corner, there were lots of green stems squeeeezing themselves through the fence and were on our side {so technically not stealing!}. paul being paul, decided they should be planted properly on the flower-wall-type-area {not a gardening phrase…obviously!} he had just built in the corner. and plant them he did.

every year since then, these babies have appeared! our then neighbour has since moved on, so i haven’t been able to ask what they are exactly, hence the reason for this post. so while i was sat out there this morning with my coffee, i decided to take some pics and see if i can find out what they are.

so, lovely readers, what the blimmin’ hell are they?! gotta be some sort of lilly, yes?! they are quite big and smell kind of funny/weird. but look soo pretty! and kind of show off too. sitting, or rather standing tall {soo tall!} there, looking down at all the other flowers…ok the five others that have flowered…but you get what i’m saying.

…still working on that ‘becoming a gardener this year’…

Mammasaurus - How Does Your Garden Grow?

8 thoughts on “soo pretty…but what the hell are they?!

  1. These are gorgeous and I believe they are Pyranean Lillies, we stayed in a house in France a couple of years ago and they had tons of these in the garden and I’m pretty sure this is the same flower x

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