hmm…something green…

^^ that pic on the bottom right?! my fave pic of the weekend. me and my sister, laughing ^^


i absolutely laughed out loud when i read what the theme was for this week’s photo gallery! green.

do you remember me saying in a previous post what we call my sister? frog.

well, it was her hen do in london last weekend, wasn’t it?!

so i bought her a little something to wear on the way home.

thankfully, Low is always up for a laugh! and laugh we did. all weekend. we danced, drank, laughed and drank some more. we saw rihanna who was just awesome and fell in love with david guetta. a million times over. we met a future star of TOWIE!  i’m telling you, he will soo be on that show soon!  definitely keeping an eye out for him.  we sipped champagne in bed at 8.30am and got back to our local pub in north wales around 7pm…or at least i’m told!…yup! that good a weekend!

bye hammersmith, you were awesome, we love you.


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