every evening and it never got boring




no, not that {…but i like your thinking ;-) } ^^THIS!^^ the gorgeous ibizan sunset!

every evening {with a few shots lining up on the table!} we would all sit and stare at the beautiful sunset happening right in front of us and ooh and aah over it.

…although after a few nights, Paul was like “are you going to say the same thing every night, Cer?!”…yes I am and yes I did!

the colours were different every evening and one evening it was proper red. aaaamazingly red. unfortunately, our camera didn’t like it as much as we did and didn’t want to store that image, so, sadly, these are all you are getting. but not bad for my iphone. {dear santa: new camera please!}.

apparently, Ibiza is known for its sunset. I can see why.

it is now also known amongst us lot for its shot called ‘the brain’…

Sticky Fingers Photo Gallery

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