annwyl robb

^^ stop growing, please! thanks! ^^
^^ stop growing, please! thanks! ^^

where has the time gone?

last night while i was tucking you up in bed {gonna hang on to that bit for as long as i can}, i asked you if you remembered what i used to do when i put you to bed when you were younger. once you were tucked in, i would sws {kiss} you and then the teddy of your choice for that evening {there was never a favourite}. i would pretend that the teddy wouldn’t stop swsing me and make it look like he was holding on to me and you would giggle and giggle. every. time. i’d squeal “let me go, ted!” and you’d giggle even more. why did we stop that, robbie?!

oh yes, i know! because next month you turn 11 {…err…what the actual frig?!}. gone are the days of giggling over teddy swsus and replaced with cuddles and talking about your day in your bed with the light switched off. my favourite part of the day. just you and me. selfish, i know.

you are currently spending your ‘transition week’ at your soon-to-be high school {i repeat, what the actual frig?!}. i’m not going to lie to you {in my best gavin & stacey accent}, monday was the longest day EVER! seriously. how could 7.45am to 4.15pm drraaaaaggg soooo much! dad knew when the phone went at 4.18pm at home, it was me wanting to hear all about your day…even if i was going to be home myself in half an hour! i am so pleased with how you are getting on there {let’s just not mention the money you lost, ok? it wasn’t much, but your first lesson in the big wide world!}.

next week is the ‘farewell service’ at the primary school. when the letter came from school telling us about it, i was crying just reading about it. what will i be like next week, cariad? thankfully, you already know. yup, this mam of yours will no doubt have mascara smudged all over my face by the time it ends. you’re already taking the mick out of me for it!

it really, really, {reeeeally now!} does feel like it was only yesterday i walked you down to ‘ysgol feithrin’ {playschool} with your thomas the tank rucksack on your back {too cute!}. and then peeping through the window {and through happy-sad tears} watching you play with the other little peeps there.

so let’s make a piggy promise that you always tell me if something isn’t quite right at big school, ok?

dwi’n dy garu di, robb.

mam x

ps – if i find one more sock in your bed i’m not quite sure what i will do robb bach! take them off BEFORE you get into bed! ha! xx


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