a lesson off the alfster!


sit on your mam and dad’s bed after your bath, with not a stitch on, pulling funny faces for the camera giving everyone a good laugh. then laugh even more when your mam says ”flippin ‘eck, it’s ten to nine! get to bloody bed, bach!”


i mean i got loads! and he just kept pulling all kinds of poses and silly faces. fuelled on by us laughing, he didn’t want to stop {we didn’t want him to either}.

he loves being in front of the camera, this one. scrap that. he just loves making everyone around him laugh and being the centre of attention…no idea where he gets that from *cough*.

so, there you go, your very first lesson off the alfster.

coming soon: how to sneeze coco pops out of your nose / how to make your mam scream ”just brush your friggin teeth without a friggin drama!” / how to make your mam and dad top and tail IN THEIR OWN BED!…and my favourite, how to sws your mam all over her face!

happy weekend! we’re off to a biking event and camping…still haven’t finished unpacking from our last hols, but that’s just between you and i, ok?

ps – fancy a giggle? then see this {i might be late to the party here, but who cares, it’s still funny!}


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