a journey…and no, i haven’t been on the x factor.





who knew that a car journey could be such fun?

…and annoying-i-just-want-to-scream-my-face-off at the same time?!

i’m sure i bloody jinxed it by telling a friend the other day how the bois bach just seem to ‘zone out’ when in the car…

don’t get me wrong, the giggling and laughter i can deal with…but the whining that comes and goes with it?! dim diolch {no thanks}. the whining as in: maaaaaaaaam, can you tell alf to stop licking me? / maaaaaam, can you tell robb to stop singing in my face? / maaaaam, alf says he’s going to fart on me! / mam, robb just punched me in the head* / robb loves so and so {and by so and so i mean every girl in his class…yup, we had every version going} / no i don’t SHUT UP YOU WEIRDO! / yeah, you do / no i don’t / yeah, you do / no i don’t / X 100 /

…nice to just get home sometimes, isn’t it?! x

* no child was injured in this car journey…well, not this one anyway!…

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