an oldie…of an oldie


my oldie.

look at him! look at those juicy lips, long eyelashes and sausage fingers!

bobl bach, this is my mr lowe when he was around one years old. i know, i know. he’s soo cute!…so what the hell went wrong?…joking!

he still dribbles {when sleeping} and still rolls around and sits on the floor {when pissed}.

this beaut hangs up on the wall at ours and it kinda freaks me out just how much robb looks like him when robb was this age. i know we all say it, but he really does! i can also see our nephew, harry, in this pic too. even more freakier…

and just incase you missed it. check out his toes which are just screeeeeaming to be nibbled on!

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