TFI Friday!

^^ don’t look down, alf! ^^
^^ a date by the river with this handsome young man ^^
^^ whatever roll… ^^
^^ another handsome chap ^^
^^ love that face ^^
^^ a gift for yr 6’s teacher ^^
^^ an old scarf found at the bottom of the wardrobe fixing up a bad hair day ^^

diolch byth, eh?!

friday, friday. here at long last. i have been waiting for you since monday morning. wishing my life away, some would say. but soo ready for you. monday can jog on already!

this past week has all been about robbie leaving primary school and a lovely farewell service {i only cried about 4 times…}, footie trials, realising just how loud i mumble numbers to myself when playing sudoku {anyone else or just me?!}, evening walks, robb being described as a gentleman {cue heart explosion} and a bit of bribery negotiating with a 6 year old {2 bowls of custard if you’re wanting some tips}.

weekend plans look like this: 2 parties to attend, drinks by the river with friends this evening and a vintage festival on sunday! happy days indeed.

loves: this printed shirt, need me this cocktail, new blog love and everthing this woman makes is just beautiful, take a look you won’t be disappointed. ‘spesh if you like your cookies and gin!



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