something i made


my sister and now my brother-in-law’s wedding cake!

it has to be said, i did start to lose sleep over this cake. although i’m not sure why now, as it turned out just how Low wanted it. yay and high five’s all around.

so after searching pinterest for what felt like hours {it was probably more!}, they decided to just go for something simple. HALLELUIAH!!

and this was the result! a 3 layered sponge cake filled with butter icing and jam and more butter icing on top. easy as. finished with a paper pom pom on top…to the side a little. no fuss.

just don’t mention the cutting of the cake…as there wasn’t one! we were all too excited that our mini-bus had just pulled up to take us all {15 altogether!} to the airport! so we all did a runner!

corker of a day.

PS – Paul, it’s all over, dude. all over. no more mention of the wedding. none. i promise…but someone did mention maybe we should renew our vows?! Paul?…Paul?!…where did he go?!…


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16 thoughts on “something i made

  1. Haha not only does that look delicious but it’s so chic too! You are too awesome! Thanks for thinking darling girl, hope to see you next week x

  2. Aww how lovely that you made your sisters wedding cake, I wouldn’t let my sister make me a cup cake let alone my wedding cake! (Hope she doesn’t read this comment ;))

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