^^ no, i'm not too sure what alf's doing here, either! ^^
^^ no, i’m not too sure what alf’s doing here, either! ^^

i got myself a date with these two last night. we headed off to our fabulously old-fashioned cinema to watch epic. on the way there alf asked if we would be watching it in 3D…i had to remind alf that half way through the films in this cinema, they still announce the intermission by stopping the film and flashing neon pink and blue squares on the screen {…ya know, just incase you missed it with the lights coming on…}, so 3D wasn’t happening tonight! and won’t be for a while in any cinema if i’m honest…have you seen how much it costs?! *sighs heavily as i slowly realise i’m turning into my mam*

so, epic. oooo emm geee! we loved it! it was sassy – well it would be, with beyonce doing the voice for queen tara. it was funny, spesh with chris o’dowd providing his funny and goofy irish accent for the snail – lotta love for that man! there was romance {love me a bit of romance} and having just googled the film, i now love ronin even more for finding out it was colin farrell who did the voice for this character. there was a bit of a ‘thing’ going on between ronin and queen tara, i’ll have you know! {i’ve also just realised that pitbull was in it and steve tyler! awesome!}

as ever, on the way home the bois bach and i discussed characters, fave scenes etc. robb’s fave scene was when we were first introduced to mub and grub {the snail and the slug} and they did their belly dance. alf’s was when mk was flying around on the bird. i’ve got one! yes indeed! mine was when queen tara arrived at the ceremony…the carriage! oh my days, the carriage! all made out of leaves and flowers and carried by little bugs…it was soo dreamy! so yeah, high five to all involved with epic, it really was err…EPIC! go see it if you can.

let’s just not mention the bugs when we got home, ok? every parents nightmare sentence…”mam, i think i might have nits”…

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