a speech

^^ getting nervous...or as we say in wales "cachu bricks"... ^^
^^ getting nervous…or as we say in wales “cachu bricks”… ^^





my chief bridesmaid speech to be exact. i knew i wanted to do something different for low {my sister} and elfyn. i also knew that if i was going to go on about low herself {i think she’s pretty mighty fine if you’re wondering} and how close we are and how much i love her {a lot} etc. etc. i knew i would just be a right mess…plus snot! so that was a no no. so i decided to say a few words {i still got emotional…ffs!} and play a mr & mrs game.

the game: they both had one of low’s shoes and one of elfyn’s in each hand and sat back to back on chairs. i’d ask questions and they’d answer by raising that person’s shoe in the air. some of the questions i asked:
* who is the biggest flirt?
* who made the first move?
* who has the wackiest family?
* who said i love you first?
* if you haven’t already, who is the first to fart in front of the other?
* who is more likely to say ‘not tonight love’ tonight?
* who steals the covers more?
* who hogs the remote?
* who’s the 1st one to make up after a fight?
* who’s the one that started the fight in the first place?

and finished with:
* who do you love most in the world? at this point i gave elfyn the option to have my shoe…

PHEW! not only did it go down well with low and elf, but everyone else seemed to enjoy it too! diolch byth! another bonus to making a good speech? everyone wants to buy you a drink! yay!

i loved this day. loved spending a chilled morning with mam, dad and low and the other bridesmaids. loved watching low getting all nervous and practicing her breathing. loved how we got to the church and as we are just about to enter the church, low’s youngest, owen, shouts to us ”maaaam! i need a wee!”.

so happy for them both. many a #magicmoment that day xxx

HUGE credit to the amazing and gorgeous cat for some awesome pics of the day!

6 thoughts on “a speech

  1. i am so glad you had such a beautiful day and i have to say i am so so loving the Mr and Mrs game!! good thinking!

    Thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments

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