a camping trip







me leaving work at 1pm on friday = big smiley face and super excited for the weekend!

me arriving home at 1.10pm on friday = big smiley face turned upside down as i realise paul is wayyy too stressed.  said in a very deep, angry voice “i can’t get everything to fit in the fekin car!  i bet you’ve packed wayy too much fekin clothes!”…

me at 1.20pm when paul had a hissy fit ”fine! if you aren’t going to fekin pack, then i will just sit on my arse, too!” = snigger.

men! you gotta love ’em!  so, once i’d sent him on his bike {paul bikes to everywhere we go}, i soon had the car packed {high five to girl power}, had thrown the bois and the dog in the back, had set the sat-nav to here and was on my way.

you know when you’ve got something planned and you check the weather reports all. the. time.  yup, that was me. everyday running up to our weekend.  sometimes screaming ”change from thunder storms to a big fat sun, you flippin’ stupid app!”…because this is one mama who doesn’t like thunder! imagine thunder in a tent! *shudders at the thought*

aaanyway, we arrived in lovely sunshine and with the help of friends, set up camp.

what followed was: pangs of jealousy over Dwys & Clare’s trailer tent! seriously cool stuff! toasty toes as well as toasted marshmallows.  giggles and catch up’s over burgers, beer and wine.  a seriously yummy breakfast fry-up from mr lowe.  discussions over whether we kidnap lolly the dog {cute is not the word!}. a game of football.  the one where you realise you soo wore the wrong bra to play footie in #holdontoyourbaps.  lazy mornings watching the kids chase the butterflies. an afternoon at the gorgeous morfa nefyn beach.  a dip in the sea, but it was that cold it took your breath away!  there was no dipping your toes in this baby, you had to just run and jump for it!  followed by a pint at the ty coch inn, which has just been rated the 3rd best beach pub in the whole wide world!  3rd behind jamaica and germany! go wales!

we cheated saturday night.  we didn’t bbq! shock! horror! it’s a must when camping, isn’t it?! instead we had a curry take away.  best. move. everrrrr.  soo good.  followed by homemade sangria which the lovely sue and i made!  well, i say i made…i sloshed a bit more rum in it and did the taste test with her.  so, i kinda helped.  i remember making the 2nd lot…not so much the 3rd though!  so much for cutting down on the alcohol, eh?!

you try explaining to your husband that you are no way pissed…you just very nearly walked into someone else’s tent totally by accident…!!

all in all, a bloody top weekend!

got any tips on making sangria you wish to share?

ps: funny story 1 – when we were in ibiza i kept asking for a grazia instead of a sangria. what’s that all about?!

pps: funny story 2 – when holidaying in menorca, dwys kept saying “alo” instead of “ola”…and didn’t realise until the last day of her holiday. oh my days, we laughed soo much at this! gotta love her!

3 thoughts on “a camping trip

  1. I know that argument all too well! Why can’t our men accept that our packing stills are…terrible. But at least our wardrobes are good! Great pictures, looks like you had a fab weekend!

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