Jay & Frey


absolutely bloody gorgeous aren’t they?!

take a look at all of these beauties:


i know! pleeeeease can i just have it all?!

know anyone who is getting married?, or having a baby?, or their baby is being christened?, or their baby needs something to hang up in his/her room?, or maybe just someone who needs something nice for their new/old house to perk it up a bit?! {enough?} or hell, you just want to treat yourself to a little something {she makes sweet smelling candles too} Well, Jay & Frey is your lady!

my cousin {one of many!} has just had the cutest little twins ever! i was going to crochet them a blanket but i got lazy  ran out of time.  plus i saw these cute little canvases that tanya had tweeted.  and i just had to get some!

soo happy i got lazy!!

serious face. i haven’t been paid in any shape or form for this post, i just love what tanya does and wanted to share her stuff with you.

you are so welcome

ps: cute names or what?!

pps: a bit late i know, but she makes cute ‘thanks teacher’ stuff too! so put that one in your diary for next year.  well, really, she makes anything for anything/anyone…so just go see her for all your needs, ok? diolch xx

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