print it, frame it, gift it

this month hasn’t started off the best, if i’m honest with you.  i’ve had to say ”i’m gutted but i’m going to have to say no” three times already.  THREE TIMES! and we’re only on the second day of the month.  anyway, seeing as the bank and everyone else and his dog was screaming at me ”don’t spend anymore money!” i decided to have a go at making presents {if you can call it that?}.

^^ tools required: a nice print {gorgeous and free!} i got mine here, scissors to cut it to fit your chosen frame {i got mine from a second hand shop and gave it a lick of paint to spruce it up a little} ^^

bdaypphoto (1)

^^ in my best gordon ramsay voice “one framed print. done.” ^^



^^ with 4 birthdays and a moving house gift to sort, i saved me a few pennies! #highfive ^^

update: or or or or ooorrrrrrr! if you are very lucky {like moi just now} while you pop into town to grab some lunch, you will find a couple of gorgeous and ON SALE white frames in your local framing shop which would do very nicely indeed! can i get another high five?!

photo (2)

got any other money saving tips for me?!

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