monday musings

I know it’s tuesday…just go with it, ok?!  it was late last night when i started writing this…

^^ pretty awesome that Wales, isn’t it?! ^^

* I need to plan my summer holidays better. whenever we get to this time of the year, I seem to be down to my last few holidays with work…which is obviously really crap planning on my behalf.  but come January, February, March and April I seem to be ready for a holiday…and then there’s May, June, July. not to mention August, September, October…

* bois bach + helping me keep the shopping without being asked = they’re after something, or worse, some bad shit is about to hit the fan…or maybe, just maybe, they spotted the Oreo chocolate bar I’d put in the shopping trolley…and the nobbly bobbly’s…along with the huge juicy strawberries…{which were all gone by the time Harry Potter finished}…hmm. speaking of harry potter. this was alf’s new discovery this weekend. EYES AND MOUTH. WIDE OPEN! too cute.

* and then there’s me and the blimmin lemon tart {my kindle just auto corrected that as fart…make of that what you will…} that I made over the weekend. I can safely say that that baby will be all gone by tomorrow. in the same week I was going to start jogging. again.  *sigh*

* BBC radio cymru…who knew?! finding me a lot of new bands to listen to. new fave is ‘raslas bach’, and their song ‘mor a mynydd’. YouTube them, you won’t be disappointed…although you might not understand the song if you don’t speak Welsh…but hey, it worked for Bjork, right? {…They are way better than Bjork!}.

* being woken up by Alf kissing me all over my face? best way to wake up. like ever ever. ever.

* southcliffe…anyone else need a full body massage after watching it?! on. edge.

* aberystwyth’s big tribute festival. so there. so very there.

* sheep, i got a question for all of you.  why you all so thick as shit?!  you see a car coming {mine} and you run out straight in front of it.  y’all need to go to ‘road safety’ classes or something.

* iphone 5…where you been all my life?!  we got a serious thing going on, we have.

* horror movies.  no more.  i’m done with this.  done in with not being able to sleep for a week afterwards.  done in with being CONVINCED i heard footsteps in the attic…gimme a rom com any day.  or just something with bradley cooper in it.

how about you, rom com or horrors?

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