lemon heaven {and a reason to FINALLY use those lentils!}


gimme something citrusy over chocolatey any day.

i spotted a recipe for a lemon tart on the back of a packet of ready made pastry whilst doing the joy that is the food shopping the other day. {nope, i don’t make my own pastry…and probably won’t again following THAT disaster!}. so 5 lemons, some eggs, caster sugar and a tub of double cream later…we were ready. well, plus the other £160 worth of food that i threw in the trolley too…seriously! i knew the cupboards were bare…but £160…i have to stop typing that figure, it’s making me feel queasy again…

anyway, once i’d dealt with that {punching {literally!} in my pin number and trying to figure out which boi bach eats the most so that i can sell him…} and packed the lot away {with some help…”shall i put the tatws {potatos) in the freezer, mam?”…} it was time to make me some lemon heaven.


you will need: ready to roll all butter shortcrust pastry // 5 lemons (zest and juice) // 200g caster sugar // 200ml double cream // 4 eggs

you then: blind bake your pastry as it says on the packet. in my case it was roll out the pastry, put {carefully!} into your chosen dish, panic because you haven’t got baking beans…google it and realise you can FINALLY use those lentils you’ve got in the cupboard! put a sheet of baking parchment over the pastry and then put a layer of lentils on top and bake at 180 for 10 mins. then remove lentils and baking parchment, reduce the oven to 150 and bake for a further 5 mins.

mix the lemon juice and zest with the caster sugar. then add the eggs, mixing until combined well. add the cream*, give it another good mixing. then pour your heavenly mixture into your pastry dish. bake for 30 mins or until your lemon mixture is set.


that extra bit of cream that’s left over? pour it all over your generous slice of lemon heaven and enjoy. even better, wash it down with a proper strong mug of tea.

mmm mm m!

coming next week: lemoned {the Welsh version obvs!}. robb picked up one lemon thinking that was all he needed for a recipe he had from school…turns out it was 4 lemons he needed…but i ain’t going nowhere near a freakin supermarket until i really HAVE TO.

question for you: do you actually use any of the recipes you see on other blogs? i know i do…i just wondered.

{* then take a huge glug…just because!}

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