^^ something i wore ^^


^^ something i can’t live without ^^

something i read: a lot of blogs.  sometimes i’m not too sure if i read too many?!  anyway.  but i do love finding new one’s to read.  like lamb loves fox for all her gorgeous photos of here babas.  and the squids for all her cake skillz!  current fave reads are skunkboyblog just because…, megfee because of posts like this one from the other day and shutterbean for her friday lists.  and thanks to this recipe i will be making use of our brand spanking new blender this weekend! yum.

something i watched: last night i took my sorry arse to bad and watched ‘water for elephants’.  i’ve watched this before and still love it.  watching this last night was made even sweeter by alfie joining me in bed for cuddles…he was butt-naked {apparently it was just too hot to wear ANYTHING to bed!} but still, he does give great cuddles.

something i wore: new haircut!  you know when you’re in two minds whether to just grow it or keep it as it is…and in the middle of this two-mind-thinking-lark your hair gets kind of just…bleurgh.  well, that’s how it was.  so, it was given a bloody good tidy up and i’m happy with it. yay.

something that i listened to: OMG! you know when you hear a song and it takes you right back?  in my case it was right back to the day i got my GCSE results! the song was ”don’t look back in anger” by oasis. it came on the radio as i was driving home from work the other day.  cue me turning it RIGHT UP, singing my heart out with a huge cheesy grin and not giving a shit as to who heard me.  the best kind of moments.

something i can’t live without: right at this moment, the enthusiasm robb shows when he gets to make his own recipes up.  he loves it when i just let him free in the kitchen to make whatever he wants to make!  {even if my ocd is waiting to EXPLODE and scream ”noooo! don’t do it like that, do it like this!!”}.  the photo above is him squeezing juice {or in robb’s case the life} out of lemons for his lemonade he made us last night.

ps – i did ok in my GCSE’s too.  for me.

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5 thoughts on “somethings…

  1. oooo I like your Hair! Ive just grown all mine out from a pixie cut (which was a big no no for me!) I loved its short just not THAT short! Ive got past the irritating stage of it being in the middle, I love your style though.. it makes me want to go back short!

    Can’t beat a good ole Oasis song!

  2. Love the hair! Gorge.
    My husband is the same in kitchen as Robb! Totally leave him to it as I can’t handle the mess and odd concoctions! Most of his recipes do include chilli though, yet on the whole they are a success. ;-)
    Thanks for joining in! Xx

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