monday musings
^^ hi new nail love! thanks to ^^


* my nails have NEVER been in better condition than what they are in right now.  therefore, there’s a lot of new nail varnish love going on around here…and i need the heart shaped nail art in my life asap.  {tonight, it’s a date!}

* new shoes! well, new to me anyway.  sometimes it’s kinda handy having an auntie who loves, loves, loves me more than any other niece to shop in second hand shops…resulting in these wedges being all mine, so thanks auntie chris! x

* my mr lowe actually proper listens to me at times!  all weekend he has been going on about my birthday present and how unsure he is whether i will love it or not {i thought he said he’s not sure if i’d like the colour…hey, guess what? turns out it’s me who needs to actually proper listen to him!}.  anyway, he gave in and told me what he’s getting me…only a new frickin camera!!  a proper real one with the lens and all that jazz going on with it!  feeling very lucky, is this mrs lowe!

* tonight, like late tonight, early tomorrow morning, i will be on a special date with robb.  turns out tonight/tomorrow is the perfect time to watch some perseids meteor showers!…nah, i never heard of them before either…but we are so there!  with blankets, hot chocolates and fingers crossed, no clouds!  excited!

* fly’s.  what is it with these small buzzing spew-on-your-food-or-something-worse vile little beasts?!  come the summer they are everywhere!  everywhere!  just flying around.  pissing everyone off.  there has been one buzzing around and even landing on my ankles this morning…what is that all about?!  {and no fly-shit jokes, please!}  whish they’d all just yuck-off.

* this weekend has been mostly spent bidding for ‘where’s wenda’ clothing… now there’s a sentence i thought i’d never type!!  a theme for a friend’s hen do…and. i. can’t. wait.  an excuse to get to wear red and white striped tights!  pah!

* pump-fisting when you put a number into google that you had a missed call from…to find out it was some financial sales call…haa! take that you pain in the arse time wasters!

are you watching the meteor showers tonight?!  got any tips?!


9 thoughts on “monday musings

  1. Ha i love this post. I always do that thing when you type a number into google- I find it fascinating, but it is always a sale call! And I also love that heart, I want it on my nails. Mine were so nice but have recently gone horrible as I have bitten all the skin around them. :(

  2. Just discovered your blog via The Monday Club and very pleased I did. Love your Monday musings. We tried to spot the perseid meteor showers but just ended up with midge bites and cricked necks – think it was too cloudy here. Love the ‘Where’s Wenda’ idea by the way! :)

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